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Zenith Cinematography

We are Zenith Cinematography, a professional team that specializes in bespoke wedding cinematography run by David Garcia, the founder and creative director. Since starting to shoot weddings a few years ago Zenith has grown from a one man band to a team of full time professionals.

We constantly get praise for the creativity and effort we put into each wedding and how we capture the emotion of the day within our films. This is because Zenith Cinematography specializes in telling YOUR story. We do this by meeting you, talking to you and ensuring we know everything we need to know about your day. This becomes obvious when you speak to us on the phone or we meet in person, which all together results in a unique wedding film that is tailored to you and your day.

We have done numerous Jewish weddings and even have won an award this year with one of our wedding films from a Jewish ceremony.

Having a team of full time professionals means we can cater for small to large weddings of up to 1000 guests. We are experienced and proficient in using some of the best equipment available, be these steadicams or 14 feet cranes, we ensure your wedding has the production value it deserves and you get something closer to a Hollywood film than a wedding video.

On our journey we have made lots of friends and visited places like France, Italy, India and even the Seychelles islands.

Visit our page to get a feel for what we are about and get in touch today to get the ball rolling.

Telephone: 01342 410 161