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Wobblers International - A travelling disco with a difference.

Entertainment - from Barmitzvahs, weddings to corporate functions

Are you looking for a truly unique and professional entertainment service for your event that blends music, dance and comedy into one seamless show? If so Wobblers is the right package for you.

Wobblers International is a unique concept in entertainment which began in 1984.

Since then, Wobblers have built up an understanding of how to entertain a diverse range of audiences in a totally original way. No interrupting the dancing - just good solid entertainment on stage all night, creating an instant atmosphere the moment the entertainment starts.

Wobblers love to get the audience involved, but we always appreciate that not everyone wants to be up on stage, so it's strictly volunteers only.

The show is high energy, inoffensive fun, suitable for any event….anywhere!

It has always been a Wobblers theory, that if we are having a great time on stage, then the audience won’t be able to stop themselves from smiling; and as soon as you start smiling with us, you are already involved with the fun. With Wobblers as your chosen entertainment you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

Firstly, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you complete peace of mind – you need never worry about late arrivals or "no-Shows"; everything is backed up, so any potential problems are solved before they begin, and their wealth of experience enables them to read the audience and match the show to their moods and needs. We also believe that personal contact is so important. So before your event takes place, we will make sure we come and see you to discuss the details of your event and offer you guidance where you need it.

Wobblers for that memorable event...

Secondly, our shows are unique – we really know how to entertain; whether it's a corporate conference or a Jewish wedding, their combination of music, dancing, puppetry and costume makes every event memorable and highly enjoyable.

Wobblers firmly believe that whatever the occasion, they have enough experience to make every event a success. And with a team of six on stage, the party has already begun – it just spreads to the crowd.

Wobblers International Ltd.
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