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"Yes" you enthused – "I would love to make a speech – thank you for asking me!" Sounds great and very exciting – but in the cold light of day are you feeling nervous and beginning to regret accepting the honour? 


It takes huge commitment and many hours – not only to create – but to be able to stand up with confidence and deliver a speech that is exciting – interesting – informative and humorous – one that you will be proud to admit to and those listening will be happy to hear!

Feeling nervous even at the thought – THEN SPEAK TO ME!!

An impressive speech must be easy to listen to and just long enough to hold attention. However enlightening – funny or clever – if its too long your guests will lose interest – though it's a fact that a good speech lasting ten minutes seems much shorter than a bad speech lasting two! 

The shift from one point to the next must appear to be so effortless and smooth that there is no break in your story – and yes – every speech should be a story!  

To be successful and remembered – but for all the right reasons – your words have to paint a picture – and that picture is created by your vocabulary – by using the right expressions in the right order and – in the right places

Many people I work with say they find it more nerve wracking having to talk to a hall filled with people they know well and will see time and time again, than they do delivering a business presentation to those they have little personal contact with. 

I believe if you are comfortable with your written material and confident with its delivery – the stress is minimal – if at all - and the personal satisfaction – immeasurable.

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