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Mrs. Mann: Celebration Speech Coach

Be yourself, bin the nerves, bring it on

Giving a speech at a celebration can be an exciting but daunting experience. You’ve planned your special day for months, and now all you have to do is top it off with the perfect, crowd-pleaser of a speech.

Mrs. Mann: Celebration Speech Coach

Juliet Mann is a journalist and TV presenter who can help you captivate your audience, perfect your timing and control those nerves. She will look at your speech and advise you on the bits that work and the bits that need finessing. From father of the bride speeches to the Bar Mitzvah’s boys address, Juliet can help you deliver your speech with confidence and style.

Over two sessions, Juliet will come to you and work through your speech. In the first session, you’ll read through your speech and she’ll give you hints and tips to work on. At a time convenient to you, normally a week before the big day, Juliet will come back and work on your presentation, giving you all the confidence you need to deliver a winning speech.

Standard two session workshop - £100 (sessions approx 45 min each)
Additional sessions - £60 per hour

07738 524 528

Juliet Mann is a broadcasting journalist and business consultant who has coached spokespeople from top companies all around the world, from sectors including retail, finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, government and charity.

Bringing with her the skills she has picked up on the road and in the studio as a TV News Correspondent, she specializes in message development, presentation training for seminars, keynote speeches and TV and radio appearances, as well as moderating discussion forums at conferences around Europe.

Her background in is business journalism, having worked in newsrooms around the world for CNN International, Sky News, Reuters, CNBC, BBC and LBC Radio.