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Caricaturist, Jim Naylor

Specialist Wedding, Bar/Batmitzvah Entertainer

Caricaturist, Jim Naylor will entertain and delight your guests at your Simcha.

Once contracted, Jim distributes his A4 colour portraits free of charge to his sitters, drawing either seated or "on the hoof."

With his professional background as a teacher not only will blue-chip clients be safe in his hands but Jim is equally happy mingling with teenagers at Bar and Batmitzvahs. Jim really enjoys his work and his infectious enthusiasm will captivate and amuse your guests, providing them with a permanent and cherished memory of your wonderful day.

Call Jim Naylor on 01264 810956 for a free client list, samples, letters of recommendation or just to pick his brains as to how you can make best use of his talents!

Jim Naylor
Jim Naylor
The Cossack
Houghton Road
Hants SO20 6LE

Tel: 01264 810956