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BenchersHebrewear has been in business since 1995, since its inception we have served thousands of customers from all over the globe, our customers have stayed in touch with us during the years calling us for their next upcoming functions and Simches, to get their perfect personalised gift for those precious moments.Cuppels

We take care in looking after each order and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our bottom line being, if you are not happy, then neither are we. Please take a moment to view on our web site ( our Cuppels, Benchers and Bonbonieres, if you don't see what you want, just let us know and we will custom design your Cuppels or Bonbonieres.

Our small showroom is now open and definitely worth a visit. Please note however that the showroom is only open by appointment. This is so that we can make sure there is someone available to help you.

132 Wargrave Avenue
London N15 6UA

Tel: 020 8802 1314
Fax: 020 8802 6900
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